Somarinoa is the founder of Creativity Wiki, being a firm believer in imagination, as well as the founder of Extraterrestrial Fanon Wiki as a sister site to ASW. He is also known as ~gokou-sama on deviantART, where he is decently-known for his Ultimate Showdown game project. He is the bureaucrat of Alien Species Wiki after having brought it back single-handedly from death in 2006 until people took notice and turned it into a thriving wikia as well as on Super DBZ Fanon, and serves as an administrator on Cryptid Wiki, Egyptian Fanon, Mega Man Fanon, Ultimate Showdown (a fan-created wiki intended for a trio of his games, though not for everything he has created) and Ultra Dragon Ball. He is also a moderator on Sagan 4, a chat moderator & rollback on Bulletstorm Wiki, a rollback on Supreme Dragon Ball Wiki and Might & Magic Wiki, was the main content contributor to SporeWiki and significantly helped out Conker Wiki and Zim Wiki in the past. He is also a bit of a (benevolent) grammar Nazi.

Somarinoa has played Nintendo games since he was a child, specifically around 1987-1989. He has remained an avid fan ever since he first played The Legend of Zelda. He still owns his NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube and Wii, as well as his Game Boy Pocket, SP and DS.

Current badge progress

For the curious.

  1. A Wiki Life: (2/200)
  2. Illustrator: (7/10)
  3. Bounty Hunter: (90/100)

  1. Stopping By to Say Hi: (0/1)
  2. Opinionator: (0/3)
  3. The First Connection: (0/1)
  4. Wii Speaker: (0/1)

Favorite Nintendo games

  1. The Legend of Zelda series
  2. Metroid series

Played Nintendo Games

Nintendo Entertainment System

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