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Hello, I am rocketslime_1_1. I am a bureaucrat here on the Nintendo Wiki.

About Me

I have been a dedicated editor of this wiki since August 2011, I was promoted to admin in January 2012, and I was promoted again to bureaucrat in December 2012. I am skilled at coding in wikitext, and thus very good at making templates.

Have any ?'s

If you have any ?'s about this wiki feel free to ask me on my Talk Page. If you're not quite sure how to ask your question this guide can help.

My Badge Case

Sandbag Badge    MASB4C Contest Badge    Achievement Naming Contest Badge    Badge Space.png    Badge Space.png    Badge Space.png    Badge Space.png    Badge Space.png

Pokemon & Team

Reward: Pokémon Dollar???
Delphox Icon.png Delphox Male  Lv. 69
Held Item: Charcoal Sprite.png Charcoal
Blastoise Icon.png Blastoise Male  Lv. 68
Held Item: Template:Blastoisinite (Item)
Snorlax Icon.png Snorlax Male  Lv. 59
Held Item: None
Absol Icon.png Absol Male  Lv. 67
Held Item: Template:Absolite (Item)
Goodra Icon.png Goodra Female  Lv. 69
Held Item: Template:Lucky Egg (Item)
File:Yveltal Icon.png Yveltal Genderless  Lv. 64
Held Item: Template:Sky Plate (Item)

My Games

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo DS

Game Boy Advance

Game Boy Color

Game Boy

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