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Fire Emblem Heroes

Please note that images from Fire Emblem Heroes I upload are NOT ripped directly by me, so here is the link to all sprites and character art:

5 Star Heroes

Template:CharStats FEH (Custom)

See main article: Camilla for the actual stats

Template:CharStats FEH (Custom)

See main article: Camilla for the actual stats

Template:CharStats FEH (Custom)

See main article: Cordelia for the actual stats

Takumi (Happy New Year!)


Roy (Young Lion)


My amiibo Collection

Note: Click on these Amiibo figures to visit the pages of their respective characters.

Fire Emblem Cipher




  • Voice Clip 1 (Character Page):
    Marth Character Page1 (EN)
  • Voice Clip 2 (Character Page):
    Marth Character Page2 (EN)
  • Voice Clip 3 (Character Page):
    Marth Character Page3 (EN)
  • Voice Clip 4 (Character Page):
    Marth Character Page4 (EN)
  • Voice Clip 5 (Character Page):
    Marth Character Page5 (EN)
  • Voice Clip 6 (Character Page):
    Marth Character Page6 (EN)
FEH Camilla (Spring Festival)
FEH Camilla
FEF Camilla
FEH Camilla (Happy New Year!)

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