Hi! I'm Lord Kennerson (formally known as Lord Kenny). I used to be the administrator of the Invader Zim Wiki, but I left because that show has the worst fan base ever... excluding Sonic the Hedgehog (yeah, I just said that!).

But seriously, I've come back because I love Nintendo and I've gained a lot of experience with wikis over the years. I'll help out in whatever way I can. Feel free to say hi or threaten me on my talk page!

Current to-do list

  • Play with power. completed
  • Upload icons for games.

Icon Gallery

Here is a gallery of all icons I've uploaded.


All icons can be found on List of Nintendo Entertainment System games.

1985 - 18 games
Icon 10YardFight Icon Baseball Icon CluCluLand Icon DonkeyKongJrMath Icon DuckHunt Icon Excitebike Icon Golf Icon Gyromite Icon HogansAlley Icon IceClimber Icon KungFu Icon MachRider Icon Pinball Icon StackUp Icon SuperMarioBros Icon Tennis Icon WildGunman Icon WreckingCrew
1986 - 18 games
Icon 1942 Icon BalloonFight Icon ChubbyCherub Icon Commando Icon DonkeyKong Icon DonkeyKong3 Icon DonkeyKongJr Icon GhostsNGoblins Icon Gradius Icon Gumshoe Icon KarateChamp Icon MUSCLE Icon MarioBros Icon Metroid Icon NinjaKid Icon Popeye Icon TagTeamWrestling Icon UrbanChampion 1987 - 53 games
Icon 3DWorldRunner Icon AlphaMission Icon Arkanoid Icon Athena Icon AthleticWorld Icon BreakThru Icon BurgerTime Icon Castlevania Icon DeadlyTowers Icon DoubleDribble Icon ElevatorAction Icon GotchaTheSport Icon IkariWarriors Icon Jaws Icon KidIcarus Icon KidNikiRadicalNinja Icon LodeRunner Icon LunarPool

Icon MegaMan Icon MightyBombJack Icon MikeTysonsPunchOut Icon ProWrestling Icon RadRacer Icon RaidOnBungelingBay Icon RingKing Icon RushnAttack Icon Rygar Icon SectionZ Icon SidePocket Icon SkyKid Icon Slalom Icon Soccer Icon SolomonsKey Icon Spelunker Icon SpyHunter Icon Sqoon

Icon StadiumEvents Icon StarForce Icon StarVoyager Icon Stinger Icon SuperPitfall Icon TheGooniesII Icon TheKarateKid Icon TheLegendOfKage Icon TheLegendOfZelda Icon TigerHeli Icon TopGun Icon TrackField Icon Trojan Icon Volleyball Icon WinterGames Icon WizardsWarriors Icon Zanac
Icon 1943TheBattleOfMidway Icon AdventureIsland Icon Anticipation Icon BasesLoaded Icon BionicCommando Icon BladesOfSteel Icon BlasterMaster Icon BubbleBobble Icon BumpNJump Icon CastlevaniaIISimonsQuest Icon CityConnection Icon CobraCommand Icon Contra Icon DefenderII Icon DonkeyKongClassics Icon DoubleDragon Icon DrChaos Icon DragonPower

Icon FreedomForce Icon GalagaDemonsOfDeath
More coming soon!
Coming soon!
Coming soon!
Coming soon!
Coming soon!
Coming soon!
1994 - 12 games
Icon AlfredChicken Icon BonksAdventure Icon ChipNDaleRescueRangers2 Icon MariosTimeMachine Icon MegaMan6 Icon MickeysAdventureInNumberland Icon TeenageMutantNinjaTurtlesTournamentFighters Icon TheFlintstonesTheSurpriseAtDinosaurPeak Icon TheIncredibleCrashDummies Icon TheJungleBook Icon WariosWoods Icon ZodasRevengeStarTropicsII

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