These are unused articles I wrote for the now defunct Nintendo Monthly.

20 Years of Street Fighter
This past July marked the 20th anniversary of the release of Street Fighter II: The World Warrior on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was a success in arcades the year prior, but this console version allowed Nintendo fans to play it at home. Though it's been two decades, Street Fighter II still remains one of the most popular and most successful (selling over 6 million copies) tournament fighting games of all time.
Shantae is Back
The overlooked game Shantae for the Game Boy Color is returning to the spotlight. Upon it's original release, the Game Boy Color game was sadly overlooked because everyone was focused on the new Game Boy Advance. Shantae got mostly positive reviews from the people that played it. Now, the game is coming to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console later this year.
The Next Great RPG
The makers of Final Fantasy have come up with a new kind of role-playing game: The Last Story. While it features many of the usual role-playing elements, it also includes real-time strategy and a new battle system. The game met with success in Japan and Europe last year and will be released this summer in North America.
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