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NOTE: I'm going to be taking another break from the site for a short while. I'll probably be back though :)

Hi, I'm Bentendo. If you have any questions, direct them to my talk page.

What to do

This is to help me remember what I want to do (bold indicates major priority).




  • Fix the way that Nintendo Playing Cards are organized.
  • Fix the way that Nintendo toys and board games are organized.


I'm putting these here for easy access:

What people are saying about Bentendo

  • "Yeah, is English your first language?"
  • "Kinda choppy, I give it a 3/10"
  • "Pretty meh"
  • "Got a little bit of growing up to do it would seem, But you've got the right ideas."
  • "Yeah, I was just going through the Kid Icarus article. Major editing there. Did you write that? It was kind of poorly done...But keep up the work anyway."
  • Your still active? After all these years? LOL.
  • "Your obviously a churchie if you can't edit on Sundays (I am too if your wondering)"
  • you are the best
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