Urchin Underpass.png

Urchin Underpass is one of the five initial maps for Splatoon. It takes place underneath a highway and next to a road.

Map Layout

The map is designed to be a longer one with the spawn points at opposite sides though more towards the corners. The first corner has a ramp leading to a path hugging the wall that leads to a drop into the central section. If the player turns at the corner, they go past a fence that hinders approach from the opposite direction. That section has two paths with hills. The one with a fence leads to a side route where the player can get the upper hand on the central portion. This side path has parts with glass so it isn't a smooth path to the central portion. The other hill hinders oncoming fire to the central portion. It's the most direct path to the central portion. The central portion is two elevated parts with a trench inbetween. Both elevated parts have ramps to ease crossing over if in squid form. The first path mentioned drops off to the lower level but has a glass wall so it's impossible to go back up that route into the opposing side's spawn.

Splat Zones

The Zone to takeover in this map is the central portion. The zone moves across this area, but it still behaves like a normal Splat Zone.

Beta Elements

Beta rabbit.jpg

The first version, before the E3 reveal and the use of squids, had a few minor differences. Since there was no squids and swimming in ink wasn't possible, the ramp wasn't in place so there was just a long grate instead of two separated by the ramp. The ramps into the lower portion face inward and they are on both sides. The guardrails at the corners are larger than in the final game. There's also a horizontal pole with a sign which isn't in the later versions.

With the E3 demo, the central area became more like final version with the large ramps in the same position as the final game as well as the smaller jumping ramps introduced. The main difference is the fartherest right corner near the spawn. The was no path between there and the central area so the ramps were different. There was a tree where there's a path now.

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

This was one of the eight battle course in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.


  • This was the first map developed.
  • It was one of the 4 maps showcased in the original E3 trailer though it changed a bit between then and release.