Up (JP) is a video game released for the Nintendo Wii and DS consoles in 2009, published by THQ.

It is an adaptation of a Disney and Pixar movie released in the same year, starring Carl Fredricksen and Russell who go along on a journey in South America, fraught with danger and surprises. As in the movie, the characters undertake the journey upon Carl's old house literally raised off its foundations into the troposphere with millions of hot-air balloons.


The game is somewhat a fusion of traditional platforming with strong elements of action-adventure along with puzzles. That being said, both versions of the game vary greatly with the Wii port boasting eleven environments in a faithful recreation of the movie's storyline, whilst the DS port provides a more simplistic experience for the handheld system with just six levels.

The Wii version also makes use of the system's obligatory motion control feature for items such as missiles, and also includes two biplane battle sequences interspersed in between the gameplay.

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