Unova(JP) is a region in the Pokémon series and is the main region in the fifth generation of games. Unova seems to be more modern than the previous regions.

Cities and towns

There are fifteen major cities in Unova.

Areas of interest


Routes in Unova go from 1 to 18, unlike in previous versions by continuing on from the previous games. This is to emphasize the fact that Unova is more isolated compared to the rest of the Pokémon world.

Cities and Towns
Nuvema TownAccumula TownStriaton CityNacrene CityCastelia CityNimbasa City
Driftveil CityMistralton CityIcirrus CityOpelucid CityLacunosa TownUndella Town
Black CityAnville TownPokémon League
DreamyardWellspring CavePinwheel ForestDesert Resort
Relic CastleLostlorn ForestCold StorageMistralton CaveChargestone Cave
Twist MountainCelestial TowerDragonspiral TowerMoor of IcirrusChallenger's Cave
Undella BayAbyssal RuinsAbundant ShrinePoké Transfer LabWhite Forest
Victory RoadP2 LabGiant ChasmLiberty GardenSkyarrow BridgeDriftveil DrawbridgeTubeline BridgeVillage BridgeMarvelous BridgeEntralinkUnited Tower
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