Unmarked Spectralids are members of the Flitterbie Family in the Pikmin series. These creatures can be found under ground in many locations such as the challenge level Hiden Garden and in Awakening Wood. When taken to the Hocotate Ship, it gives off one poko, when taken to the Onion it gives off one Pikmin seed.


These creatures can't kill Pikmin in any way. Olimar, Louie or President can kill these creatures by throwing Pikmin on their backs. Purple Pikmin are the best to use due to their weight. When defeated the yellow ones will drop nectar and the red ones will drop either Ultra-Spicy Spray or nectar. Finally, the purple ones will drop either Ultra-Bitter Spray or nectar.


Olimar's notes

"When strolling through the forests of this planet, clouds of these creatures are seen dancing overhead. Like flower petals drifting in the breeze, the sight of flitterbies dancing in the lush green undergrowth is unforgettable. Flitterbie collectors drool over specimen sample boxes lined up in order, highlighting the slight color gradation changes from blue to red to yellow. Such items fetch particularly high prices at auction."

Louie's notes

"Spectralids don't provide a lot of meat, but the exquisitely elegant wings are surprisingly tasty, particularly when expertly prepared with a sweet candied glaze."

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