Universal Studios Theme Parks Adventure is a Nintendo GameCube game released in 2001. It features 8 different games within the game, all based on popular movies made by the movie studio Universal Studios. It is usually considered as one of the worst games of all time.

Games within the game

  • Backdraft - In fifteen minutes you must go through a building on fire and save all of the people within it. You will have to use a fire extinguisher to burn out the flames. If your fire extinguisher runs out of water, than you will be able to get a new one on the way.
  • E.T. Adventure - In this game, you will have to ride your bike to get to E.T.’s space ship in less than four minutes.
  • Jurassic Park - You will ride in a car and try to shoot all of the dinosaurs on screen. You will encounter such dinosaurs as velociraptors, T-rexes, pteranodons, and others. The final boss will be a T-rex.
  • Jaws - In this game, your on a boat and must toss barrels at the great white shark.
  • Back to the Future - You will ride in a time traveling DeLorean and chase down Biff Tannen through three different time periods; Future city, the ice age, and a volcanic island.
  • Wild Wild Wild West - Try to shoot more targets than your opponent does.
  • Water World - This isn't an actual mini-game. All you do here is see a ship crash through a building and fall into the water.
  • Woody Wood Pecker games - There are three games here: A trivia quiz asking you questions about Universal Studios movies, a game where you must match cards on the board, and a puzzle game.


The game has got negative reviews from all critics. They complained the game had un-appealing graphics, extremely easy gameplay, and a very short amount of games to play. Despite the game having a Teen rating, the game seems more geared toward children, and quizes will seem almost impossible to those who havn’t seen tons of Universal movies. The fact that you also had to constiantly pick up garbage around the apparently unclean theme park not only wasn’t fun for gamers, but also would likely give Universal Studios a slightly bad reputation. Critics also disliked that the Waterworld “mini-game” wasn’t even a game at all, but a three second movie showing the climax of the show.