Uniracers (Unirally in PAL territories, and called 1x1 during development) is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System video game released by Nintendo in 1994 in North America and 1995 in Europe. The game was pulled from store shelves due to a legal dispute with Toy Story creator Pixar due to the bikes resembling Red the unicycle from Red's Dream. The creators of the game claim that there is a resemblance, but only because both were meant to look like unicycles. They felt that the trial was unfair because it seemed as if Pixar claimed to own all digitally made unicycles. Dave Jones later confirmed that the idea for the game did in fact come from Red's Dream.






  • The instructions and the game itself hint at the presence of certain "mega" stunts. In the game, there are two tricks (the Head Bounce and the Tabletop) which count as "mega"s.
  • One of the tracks, "Wario Paint", is a reference to the Nintendo character Wario as well as the game Mario Paint.
  • If "SEGA" or "SONIC" are entered as a name, they are not accepted and the game tells you the name is "Not cool enough". This is the same response given if a curse word is entered, or if a team in league mode is called the "Eager Beavers".
  • One of the special effects used by the Anti-Uni is called "Hedgehog Speed", and is essentially a slow-motion mode.

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