Unique Monsters are a term used to define enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 that have higher stats and potentially unique skills and give more experience and Art Points than normal enemies when defeated. Unique Monsters have unique names and there is only one of each of these monsters in the world. Their Xenoblade Chronicles X counterpart are known as the Tyrants.

Xenoblade Chronicles

There is a total of 157 Unique Monsters in Xenoblade Chronicles. Unique Monster also have a specific track, "You Will Know Our Names", that will play whenever a battle is started with one of them.

List of Unique Monsters

Name Level Area
Abnormal Clone Barg 77 Prison Island
Active Impulso 72 Bionis' Interior
Affluent Beleth 57 Fallen Arm
Aged Leraje 56 Fallen Arm
Aggressive Cornelius 28 Satorl Marsh
Ageless Moabit 75 Prison Island
Agile Albatro 33 Makna Forest
Agile Barbatos 47 Valak Mountain
Amber Fischer 27 Satorl Marsh
Amorous Arca 57 Mechonis Field
Ancient Daedala 105 Fallen Arm
Armoured Rockwell 82 Bionis' Leg
Avalanche Abaasy 120 Valak Mountain
Balanced Palamedes 62 Central Factory
Banquet Vassago 48 Valak Mountain
Barbaric Sitri 47 Valak Mountain
Beautiful Vagul 60 Central Factory
Benevolent Aim 51 Sword Valley
Bizarre Ragoel 88 Eryth Sea
Blizzard Belgazas 114 Valak Mountain
Breezy Zolos 37 Makna Forest
Brutal Gravar 46 Makna Forest
Calm Anzabi 38 High Entia Tomb
Canyon Valencia 78 Bionis' Leg
Cautious Balteid 26 Satorl Marsh
Cellar Bugworm 10 Tephra Cave
Clamorous Dablon 92 Eryth Sea
Clandestine Apety 74 Bionis' Interior
Clifftop Bayern 32 Bionis' Leg
Cold Ageshu 77 Prison Island
Commander Oracion 61 Mechonis Field
Conflagrant Raxeal 45 Valak Mountain
Cumulus Danaemos 41 Eryth Sea
Dark King Barbarus 77 Bionis' Interior
Dark Kisling 20 Ether Mine
Dark Murakmor 18 Colony 9
Dazzling Tolosnia 97 Tephra Cave
Deadly Medorlo 93 Eryth Sea
Defective Ipos 50 Sword Valley
Despotic Arsene 108 Satorl Marsh
Destroyer Salvacion 59 Mechonis Field
Destructive Bors 64 Agniratha
Drifter Jutard 25 Colony 6
Elder Gragus 34 Makna Forest
Elegant Marin 29 Ether Mine
Enchanting Grune 13 Colony 9
Erratic Goliante 97 Tephra Cave
Eternal Palsadia 91 Satorl Marsh
Evil Bathin 54 Fallen Arm
Evil Rhangrot 6 Colony 9
Experienced Tristan 65 Agniratha
Exposure Wolfol 97 Valak Mountain
Faithful Lancelot 59 Central Factory
Fate Labolas 51 Sword Valley
Field Altrich 76 Bionis' Leg
Fiendish Auburn 78 Prison Island
Final Marcus 100 Valak Mountain
Firework Geldesia 98 Tephra Cave
Flabbergasted Jerome 38 Eryth Sea
Flailing Bracken 73 Colony 9
Frenzied Bana 78 Frontier Village
Funeral Gozra 42 Eryth Sea
Furious Jozan 96 High Entia Tomb
Gentle Mother Armu 37 Colony 9
Gentle Rodriguez 40 Colony 9
Ghostly Mahatos 76 Bionis' Interior
Glacier Acon 52 Galahad Fortress
Glorious Buer 45 Valak Mountain
Glorious Jurom 55 Galahad Fortress
Gluttonous Eugen 11 Tephra Cave
Graceful Holand 19 Colony 6
Hidden Gamigin 49 Valak Mountain
Illustrious Golteus 98 Makna Forest
Immovable Gonzalez 90 Bionis' Leg
Impenetrable Redrob 38 Colony 9
Indomitable Daulton 85 Satorl Marsh
Infernal Crocell 58 Mechonis Field
Inferno Heinrich 76 Prison Island
Itinerant Dorothea 6 Colony 9
Judicious Bunnitzol 94 Tephra Cave
Kamikaze Bune 53 Sword Valley
Lake Magdalena 6 Colony 9
Lakebed Orthlus 40 Colony 9
Lazy Bluco 34 Makna Forest
Lightning Ronove 55 Sword Valley
Lightspeed Sonid 44 Eryth Sea
Magnificent Digalus 99 Makna Forest
Majestic Clone Barg 77 Prison Island
Magestic Mordred 70 Central Factory
Masterful Gigapur 77 Prison Island
Meditative Varla 65 Agniratha
Mild Florence 58 Central Factory
Mining Patrichev 8 Tephra Cave
Mischievous Naberius 57 Sword Valley
Moonlight Paimon 46 Valak Mountain
Musical Vanflare 93 Tephra Cave
Mysterious Barnaby 75 Bionis' Leg
Mystical Klesida 72 Bionis' Interior
Napping Volfen 17 Bionis' Leg
Night Cardamon 18 Bionis' Leg
North Star Gusion 50 Valak Mountain
Obsessive Galgaron 35 Makna Forest
Officer Robusto 75 Bionis' Interior
Peeling Kircheis 38 Eryth Sea
Plump Sprahda 92 Tephra Cave
Powerful Eligos 80 Fallen Arm
Precious Retrato 53 Galahad Fortress
Proper Bandaz 39 Eryth Sea
Prosperous Zepar 56 Fallen Arm
Protective Torquidon 96 Tephra Cave
Prudent Purson 49 Sword Valley
Reckless Galdon 95 Tephra Cave
Reckless Godwin 31 Satorl Marsh
Reckless Zanden 98 Tephra Cave
Revolutionary Bifrons 60 Mechonis Field
Roguish Frengel 39 Colony 9
Sacred Zagamei 89 Eryth Sea
Shadeless Matrix 44 Colony 9
Sentimental Flamral 66 Agniratha
Serene Imlaly 76 Prison Island
Shimmering Forte 33 Makna Forest
Sinful Lamorak 63 Central Factory
Sniper Paramecia 15 Bionis' Leg
Solid Konev 10 Tephra Cave
Soothed Aglovale 65 Agniratha
Speedy Ramshyde 10 Colony 9
Splendid Botis 58 Fallen Arm
Stormy Belagon 87 Eryth Sea
Stormy Widardun 25 Satorl Marsh
Subterranean Zomar 40 Eryth Sea
Sunlight Schvaik 30 Satorl Marsh
Swift Zektol 28 Satorl Marsh
Synchronised Gaheris 61 Central Factory
Tempestuous Edegia 39 Eryth Sea
Temporal Gawain 65 Central Factory
Territorial Rotbart 81 Bionis' Leg
Trainer Harmelon 15 Bionis' Leg
Tranquil Morax 50 Sword Valley
Tumultuous Felix 27 Satorl Marsh
Turbulent Belmo 36 Eryth Sea
Unreliable Rezno 96 Makna Forest
Vagabond Allocer 63 Agniratha
Vagrant Alfead 16 Bionis' Leg
Vague Barbas 46 Valak Mountain
Verdant Bluchal 5 Colony 9
Venerable Focalor 64 Central Factory
Vengeful Daulton 22 Ether Mine
Veteran Yozel 83 Satorl Marsh
Victorious Gross 73 Bionis' Interior
Violent Andante 16 Bionis' Leg
Vivid Anstan 75 Bionis' Interior
Wallslide Gwynry 9 Tephra Cave
Wandering Amon 98 Valak Mountain
White Eduardo 17 Bionis' Leg
Wicked Sallos 95 Fallen Arm
Wise Gremory 68 Agniratha
Wrathful Orobas 67 Agniratha

Xenoblade Chronicles 2

In Xenoblade Chronicles 2 the Unique monster that are defeated by the party will not automatically respawn but a named tombstone will be erected where the Unique Monster used to spawn. When interacting with the tombstone the player will be given the choice to resurrect and rebattle the Unique Monster if they so choose.

List of Unique Monsters

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