The Umbran Elder was known as the leader of the Umbra Witches 500 years prior to the events of Bayonetta, she was in charge of the clan's formal aspect and acted as a figure of power amongst the witches.She also seem to speak fluent Enochian


The Umbran Elder was the one responsibe for the imprisonment of Rosa after the birth of Cereza and the violation of an ancien tenet (due to the Father). She declared that Rosa would be imprisoned for eternity. Cereza, would also be forced to live as an outcast even amongst the darkness.

Later the Umbran Elder presided over Jeanne's initiation ceremony,but the witch selected Cereza as the opponent against whom she would prove her skills. The Elder tried to prevent Jeanne from facing her, beliving that would violate the tenets of the clan.

The Umbran Elder is later killed during the witch hunt.


  • The Umbran Elder was originally intended to serve as the narrator of the opening portion of Bayonetta; she was replaced by Antonio Redgrave.
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