Umbra witches symbol

The Umbra Witches were a clan of dark art practitioners that existed in Europe during ancient times. They were known to be affiliated to Inferno (darkness) and the moon.They are humans who made a pact with Demons in order to obtain their supernaturals abilities.They were the counterpart to the Lumen Sages.

Powers and abilities

Umbra Witches have numerous abilities due to their pact with a demon. Those abilities are:


The Umbra Witches possess some kind of immortality; they lives as long as they are not killed by unnatural means and are immune to aging and most disease.

Witch Time

Witch time is an ability that allows the witch to stop time for everything around her except for other witches (and Father Rodin).

Witch Walk

Witch Walk is an ability that allows the user to walk on upside-down and sideways surfaces whenever the moon casts its glow


Witches can also travel from the Human world to Purgatorio, making them invisible to humans' eyes

Beast Within

Beast Within is an ability that allows the witch to borrow traits og various animals. List of transformations:

Name User
Panther within Bayonetta
Lynx within Jeanne
Tiger within Rosa
falcon within Rosa
Owl within Jeanne
Crow within Bayonetta
Bat within Bayonetta
Hornet within Rosa
Moth within Jeanne
Centipede within Jeanne
Cobra within Rosa
Snake within Bayonetta

Weapon knowledge

Witches are also very skilled when it come to weapon knowledge due to their training. Even if they are shown to mainly use guns, Bayonetta and Jeanne show that they are trained to use efficiently numerous types of weapons.

Known witches


The Umba Witches were once a powerfull clan tasked by Loki to look over the Left Eye of the World and maintain balance between the realms of the Trinity of Realities with their Lumen counterpart, but this balance was toppled by the conception of a child who had for parents an Umbra Witch and a Lumen Sage, violating an old tenet stating that"The intersection of light and dark would bring calamity to this earth". Following this event the two clans were sent to the path of conflict by Loptr who used the global confusion to try to retrieve the power of Aesir. After the Great War and The Witch Hunt only two witches were still alive: Bayonetta and Jeanne.


  • The "umbra" is the darkest part of a shadow and is usually used in reference to shadows cast by heavenly bodies.