Umbra Clock Tower is a stage based on the opening level of Bayonetta. It was released alongside the fighter Bayonetta on February 3, 2016.

Stage Layout

The main stage is a mostly flat platform of the clock tower face falling from a mountainside. The part with the clock is slightly lower than the main stage. Periodically, sets of platforms will come around. They will shake and the thin platforms will rise and force the players onto the main platform like Kalos Pokémon League. The thick platforms will still carry players offscreen. There are 7 sets of platforms that come in and while random until all 7 cycle through, a set will not reappear. In addition, the 7th set of the prior set will never be the 1st set of the next set.

The stage will cycle in and out of Paradiso. In the background, various angels appear, but they do not get involved in the match aside from shaking the screen.


Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS

  • Let's Hit The Climax!
  • Theme Of Bayonetta - Mysterious Destiny (Instrumental)

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U

  • Let's Hit The Climax!
  • Theme Of Bayonetta - Mysterious Destiny (Instrumental)
  • Tomorrow Is Mine (Bayonetta 2 Theme) (Instrumental)
  • One Of A Kind
  • Riders Of The Light
  • Red & Black
  • After Burner (∞ Climax Mix)
  • Friendship
  • Let's Dance, Boys!
  • The Legend Of Aesir
  • Time For The Climax!




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