Ultimate Band is a music game for the Nintendo Wii. It was developed by Fall Line Studios, and it was published by Disney Interactive Studios. Unlike other similar music series, it only uses the Wii Remote and Nunchuck. It allows the player to play music using a microphone, bass, guitar, and drums. The microphone instrument uses certain moves with the Wii-remote controls, instead of a microphone accessory.


In Ultimate Band, the player can play music, as a member of a band, using the Wii Remote and Nunchuck in the Wii version, and the touch screen in the DS version. Players can also customize the band and its members. Both versions of the game uses Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.



Customizing a character.

When the game is first started the player is able to customize each member of their band. There are several different categories that can be customized, each with several options. For some categories, such as chest and legs, there are different options for male and female characters.

  • Build: Thee gender, name and skin color of the character.
  • Head: The character's face.
  • Hair/Hats: The character's hair style and hat.
  • Glasses: The character's glasses.
  • Make-Up: The character's makeup.
  • Facial Hair: The character's facial hair.
  • Chest: The character's upper part of their outfit (shirts, jackets, etc.).
  • Necklaces: The character's necklace.
  • Wrists: The character's wrist accessory (braclets, chains, etc.).
  • Hands: The character's gloves.
  • Legs: The character's lower part of their outfit (pants, jeans, etc.).
  • Feet: The character's shoes.
  • Belts: The character's belt.
  • Gear: The character's gear.
  • Flourish: The character's flourish.
  • Swap Outfits: An option to swap the character's outfit with the outfit of another character.
  • Copy: An option to copy different outfits from other members of different bands.

The player can also choose a logo for the band, and give their band a name.


The player can perform a flourish when playing a song. A flourish can be activated by pressing any direction on the control pad on the Wii remote, by moving the control stick on the Nunchuck, or both at the same time.

Each band member has nine different flourishes, but they can only use three at a time. One for the Wii remote, one for the Nunchuck. and one for both.

  • Frontman
    • Wii Remote: Salad Spinner, Rock a Teer, High Ya
    • Nunchuk: Mic Roll, Jet Revolver, Rip Tuck
    • Both: Whirl Win, Doubleback Attack, The Blender
  • Guitar
    • Wii Remote: T-Nado, Wheeler, Spin to my Lou
    • Nunchuck: Glam More, Shooter McGavan, Flippy Lou
    • Both: Banana Splitter, Hand-Standity, Wackadoo
  • Bass
    • Wii Remote: Superstar, Fly Trap, Flackjack
    • Nunchuck: Poundcake, Hook Shot, Toe Jammin
    • Both: Bender Bencher, Spinerator, Hang 10
  • Drummer
    • Wii Remote: Stick-Tacular, Rabble Rouser, Cosmic
    • Nunchuck: Jazz Hands, Thunder Sticks, Cliff Hanger
    • Both: Thunder Rolls, Served, Spinifity

When a flourish is performed with either the Wii remote or the Nunchuck, the player receives 300 points, however if a flourish is performed with both at the same time the player receives 600 points. When the same flourish is used twice in a row, the player receives no points, in order to keep the player from continually using "both" flourishes.

Story Mode

In story mode, the player can unlock songs and stages as they play through story mode levels.


Level Song 1 Song 2 Song 3
Garage Rock Stop Whip it Beverly Hills Fell in Love With a Girl
Firefly Carnival Our Time Now Crushcrushcrush Steady As She Goes
Red Wolf Canyon I Want You to Want Me - -

R​ock Dome Round 1

Level Song 1 Song 2 Song 3
Gold Saber Cove Just What I Needed Hold On Club Foot
Aztec Palace In Too Deep Hanging on the Telephone Helena
Dome Debut Chosen Song Break On Through -
  • Won't Go Home Without You is added to the song Selection.

Rock Dome Round 2

Level Song 1 Song 2 Song 3
Neon Jungle All Day and All of the Night Somebody Told Me The Take Over, the Breaks Over
Skate Park Stumble and Fall Unconditional Rock Lobster
The Battle Chosen Song Chosen Song Dashboard
  • Always Where I need to be is added to the song selection.

Rock Dome Round 3

Level Song 1 Song 2 Song 3
Vortex Mansion Debaser Just Move Along
Jamhalla First Date Girl's Not Grey Anna Molly
The Showdown Chosen Song Chosen Song All Right Now
  • When did you Heart Go Missing" is added to the song selection.


Level Song
Tower of Rock Song 2
Rock Star Arena My Generation


The Wii version has around 35 songs - it has more songs than in the DS version.

Song Titles Artists/Bands Wii DS
All Day and All of the Night (1964) The Kinks Checkmark Checkmark
All Right Now (1970) Free Checkmark X
All Star (1999) Smash Mouth X Checkmark
Always Where I Need to Be (2007) The Kooks Checkmark X
Anna Molly (2006) Incubus Checkmark X
Beverly Hills (2005) Weezer Checkmark X
Break on Through (To the Other Side) (2000) The Doors Checkmark Checkmark
Call Me (1978) Blondie X Checkmark
Club Foot (2004) Kasabian Checkmark X
Complicated (2002) Avril Lavigne Checkmark X
Crushcrushcrush (2007) Paramore Checkmark X
Dashboard (2007) Modest Mouse Checkmark X
Debaser (1989) Pixies Checkmark X
Fell in Love With a Girl (2001) The White Stripes Checkmark X
First Date (2001) Blink-182 Checkmark Checkmark
Get the Party Started (2001) Pink Checkmark X
Girl's Not Grey (2003) AFI Checkmark X
Hanging on the Telephone (1978) Blondie Checkmark X
Helena (2004) My Chemical Romance Checkmark X
Hold On (2007) The Jonas Brothers Checkmark Checkmark
I Want You to Want Me (1977) Cheap Trick Checkmark X
In Too Deep (2001) Sum 41 Checkmark X
Just (1995) Radiohead Checkmark X
Just What I Needed (1978) The Cars Checkmark Checkmark
Move Along (2005) The All-American Rejects Checkmark Checkmark
My Generation (1965) The Who Checkmark Checkmark
Nine in the Afternoon (2008) Panic! at the Disco X Checkmark
Our Time Now (2007) Plain White T's Checkmark Checkmark
Rock Lobster (1978) The B-52's Checkmark Checkmark
Somebody Told Me (2003) The Killers Checkmark X
Song 2 (1997) Blur Checkmark X
Steady, As She Goes (2006) The Raconteurs Checkmark Checkmark
Stumble and Fall Razorlight Checkmark X
The Take Over, the Breaks Over (2007) Fall Out Boy Checkmark Checkmark
Unconditional (2004) The Bravery Checkmark X
When Did Your Heart Go Missing? (2007) Rooney Checkmark X
Whip It (1980) Devo Checkmark Checkmark
Won't Go Home Without You (2007) Maroon 5 Checkmark X


The game received mixed reviews, either negative or positive.


  • In story mode, the Drummer, the Guitar player, and the Frontman talk, while the bass player doesn't say anything.
  • The gender of the Frontman determines the lyrics of certain songs. For instance, the song Fell in Love With a Girl keeps its original name when it is sung by a boy. However, when a girl sings it, the song is changed to "Fell in Love With a Boy".
  • When a Flourish is done with both the Nunchuck and the Wii Remote, an outline of an animal appears. Each band member has its own animal, the Frontman and the Guitar player have an unknown type of bird, the bass player has a snake, and the drummer has a gorilla.
  • In the Red Wolf Canyon, there is a band called the Greatness. The Greatness band consists of 3 boys and one girl, but their names are never given.
  • Even if the player looses to The Greatness at Red Wolf Canyon, they can still get accepted into the Rock Dome. You face The Greatness, later in the Showdown.
  • It is quite easy to get 100% FC on drums, on the hardest difficulty.
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