Ulki ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He serves as the 'ears' of the Hawk King Tibarn, and is allied under Phoenicis. Ulki often travels with his trusted and older companion, Janaff.


In contrast to Janaff, Ulki is more reserved and quiet, and befits his position as the king's ears. Despite his stern outward appearance and reclusive personality, it is revealed through his support conversations that he has a kind heart and tries his best to help his friends as best he can.

In his support conversation with Rhys, Rhys mentions how amazed he is by Ulki's ability to take flight. Ulki is somewhat taken aback by this, and reflects on how he has been taking this ability of his for granted. Ulki and Rhys then work together to send Rhys to his patients' side more efficiently. Having flown for hours and growing tired from being shifted for so long, Ulki eventually gives up due to exhaustion. Rhys promptly apologizes, afraid that he may have pushed Ulki a little too far. Ulki refutes this claim, revealing that he has enjoyed making Rhys happy, promising to give him a ride some time in the future.

In his support conversations with Boyd, Ulki is initially suspicious towards Boyd's friendliness. In the end, he realizes how hard he has been on Boyd and admits that he has feared Boyd, suspecting him of ill intents towards the Laguz. This set of support conversations is wrapped up with Ulki befriending Boyd, letting go of some of the prejudice he has held against Beorc in the process.

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