The Ujadani are secret and poisonous enemies from the Unknown Family in Pikmin 2 for the Nintendo GameCube and New Play Control for the Wii, in fact it is the only enemy that is not in the Piklopedia. This monster only appears in every thirty days starting at day 31. The days are 31, 61, 91, 121, 151, 181, 211, 241, 271, 301. These monsters can poison all Pikmin, besides white. When a Purple Pikmin lands on one, sometimes it will give a Ultra-Bitter Spray, Ultra-Spicy Spray, or nectar. These are found right next to Hole of Heroes entrance, and near the three Creeping Chrysanthemums. The screen can only support twenty sprays at once. So when they stop coming out, drink the sprays, then attack them agian for more sprays.

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