Ug the Caveman is a minor character from the Luigi's Mansion franchise. He makes his debut in the third game, Luigi's Mansion 3. Ug holds the portrait of a captured Mushroom Retainer and the Basement 2 elevator button in his possession.

Physical Appearance

During his battle's first phase, Ug comes out as a Tyrannosaurus's undead skeleton, hence his Dutch name. His second form is that of a caveman that has red eyes, which leads to his English name. His hair is black.


The battle begins when Luigi makes his way the hotel's Unnatural History Museum, which is located on the ninth floor, spotting a trapped Mushroom Retainer's portrait. During his battle introduction, Ug, as the undead Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton, eats the portrait and threatens Luigi.

Luigi has to use the Poltergust G-00 to launch egg fossils at Ug's bony body to expose his chest, then strike the undead dinosaur's chest. There are three eggs during the first round, and only two will be consumed right after this time. Doing this right triggers the second phase.

The second phase is the same, but Gooigi must sacrifice himself to the bite. In this way, he lets his solid counterpart launch the third egg at Ug's chest. This causes Ug to get angry, bringing him to phase three.

During the third phase, Ug is more mobile. Luigi needs good timing to toss the fossil parts at Ug to break him apart, initiating the fourth and final phase.

When he enters his final phase, the boss grabs a club and starts swinging it. Luigi has to wait until Ug swings the club vertically. That done, Ug will get his club stuck in the floor. Luigi will have to use burst to avoid getting hurt by the tremor, but can flash Ug to stun him, then capture him. Ug has 400 hit points.

Names In Other Languages

  • Nihonjin (Japanese): Honesukī. This references how he poses as a T-Rex skeleton for his first phase, as it literally means "He/she/it loves bones."
  • Français (French): Grut. This is basically done to mimic grunting sounds.
  • Nederlands (Dutch): Rex. This comes from T-Rex, showing his first form being a T-Rex.
  • Deutsche (German): Steinzeit-Rex. This literally means Stone Age Rex.
  • Italiano (Italian): Troglospettro. This comes from Lo Troglodita (caveman) and Lo Spettro (spectre).
  • Hangug-eo (Korean): Bonjeu. This is a transliteration of "Bones."