U.N. Squadron (JP) is a Super Nintendo Entertainment System side scrolling shooter released in 1991 that's a port of a 1989 arcade title based on a manga of the same Japanese name. The plot is that the team is fighting a terrorist group known as Project 4.


The player gets to choose between 3 pilots from the manga; Shin Kazama, Mickey Simon, and Greg Gates, each playing differently. Between each mission, players can choose their plane, buying new ones with money earned from defeating enemies and unused weapons are converted to extra funs. The player can also buy new special weapons and defenses.

In a mission, the game plays like a normal sidescrolling shooter with the player in full control of the planes position. The plane has unlimited shots but, bombs, which arc downwards, are limited though, the player starts with 50 in each mission. Missions finish with a boss. For damage, the plane has an energy bar that depletes with hits.






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