Typoman is a puzzle platformer originally released on the Wii U developed by Brainseed Factory. The game revolves around solving various environmental puzzles by changing the spelling of words in the world to change their properties. The game later received a Switch port called Typoman Revised.


The game plays like a platformer with words having the properties of their definitions. There are letters in the world that can be pushed to activate the words to the new definition as well as letters that can be removed. The game becomes more complicated as the player progresses required them to use puns and wordplay to solve the puzzles.


The idea for the game came from the game developers' desire to experiment with typography in gameplay. The original involved that objects and monsters were only composed of letters and nothing else but, the developers decided to focus on puzzles using the letters and words.

The game was initially a Wii U exclusive, with the game being showcased with Nintendo at E3 2015. The game was a part of the Nindies@Home program with a demo releasing on the Wii U eShop during the event. This demo would give purchasers of the full game a discount during the month of release. The developer later ported the game to other platforms in the following years.


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