Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 3: Night of the Quinkan is a 3D platforming game developed by Krome Studios and published by Activision for the GameCube, along with a 2D side-scrolling version of the game released for the Game Boy Advance developed by Halfbrick Studios.


The overall gameplay remains similar to the game's predecessors, with the game's introduction of Bunyip Stones being a new addition to the series. These stones can be equipped to various boomerang chassis to change their functionality or elemental properties. The stones can be mixed and matched to make unique boomerang combinations. At first, Ty has only one boomerang chassis, and no Bunyip Stones whatsoever. However, new boomerang chassis and Bunyip Stones can be purchased using Opals, the game's currency, from various stores spread across Southern Rivers. Bunyip Stones can also be given as rewards for completing the game's various side-quests. With each boomerang chassis having a limited number of Bunyip Stone slots, the player is forced to strategize which stones he or she should make use of and which boomerang chassis to equip them to. Certain Bunyip Stones also cancel each other out, and warp stones, which are incompatible with most other stones). Incompatible stones will glow red when equipped to a chassis, and will cancel each other out unless one or the other is removed. Each stone's effect can also be stacked upon itself to increase its effectiveness.

Another major addition was that of a melee combat system. Unlike in previous games, many enemies are immune to damage from thrown boomerangs. Therefore, unless the player has a sufficiently powerful boomerang or a Bunyip Mech, most enemies can only be defeated by melee combat. Incorporating elements from beat 'em up-style games, melee combat consists of a 5-hit combo, a move that throws enemies up into the air, an aerial juggle combo and the bite move from previous games. Most enemies also possess a health bar that decreases as they take damage, with most taking multiple hits to defeat.

The Fourbie jeep used in the previous game for exploration of the overworld is absent, instead being replaced by a new vehicle, the "Crabmersible". The Crabmersible serves the same purpose as the Fourbie, albeit with included weapons and defenses for battling enemies in the overworld, as well as being able to submerge underwater. The Chopper, Go-Cart and Shadow Bunyip all make a return, and a new Bunyip known as the "Extreme Bunyip" is featured, replacing the auxiliary Bunyips and Battle Bunyip from the previous game. A new vehicle, in the form of a fighter plane known as the "Gunyip", is also introduced and used in certain missions.

Multiplayer is present and consists of Cart Racing and Gunyip Dogfighting. Both of which are playable with up to 4 players.

A version of the game was also released for the Game Boy Advance. Like its GBA predecessor, it plays as a 2D platformer as opposed to a 3D platformer. When using the Gunyip, the game switches to a scrolling shooter, and when using the Chopper, the game becomes a top-down action game. Unlike the GameCube version, the Go-Cart and related side-quests and characters are absent, and there are no multiplayer modes available.



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