Twoson (ツーソン) is a town in the SNES video game EarthBound. It is the second city visited im the game, as its name indicates, directly after Onett, and home to the protagonist Paula Polestar, her family, Everdred and the place where the party first meets the Runaway Five. This town is found near both Happy Happy Village and Threed.

Places of interest

North Twoson

From Onett, one gets to the northern part of Twoson. The hotel, hospital and the first dept. store found in the game are located here. In addition, the Hint Man's house, the Dead End Chaos Theater, and the only Cycle Shop in the game appear as well. The theater is where the Runaway Five band are first found, with a big debt to the theater's owner Poochyfud. The cycle shop, on the other hand, is notable for giving Ness a free Bicycle, which cannot be used if more than one member is in the party, just a few moments before the second fully playable character, Paula Polestar, joins the party.

South Twoson

The biggest famous place here is the Burglin Park, where many customers have open-air shops. Here, one can find Ingredients shops, the For-Sale Sign and other kinds of items. In addition, Everdred is found in this park, and he gives a hint about Paula Polestar's kidnap to Ness and is as well key to freeing the Runaway Five from the Chaos Theater. Other areas include the pizza shop, the bus station, and the Polestar Preschool, where Paula's mom works. The houses found at the very bottom are the Apple Kid's and the Orange Kid's, both being young geniuses of the town. The rest of the area to the south, ultimately leading to a tunnel to Threed, is an inhabited area, with just a long road.

Important residents

Twoson is the home to the following important characters from EarthBound:

  • Paula Polestar and her family live in the south of the city. Their house serves, at the same time, as a school for little children. Mrs. Polestar is their teacher.
  • Apple Kid and Orange Kid, two genius boys, differentiated by their popularity. While Apple Kid is less hygienic and famous, Orange Kid seems to be the most known from among the two. They both offer Ness their services in exchange of an initial fee.
  • Everdred, a burglar from the Burglin Park, who helps Ness a few times in his adventure. He owns the shack where Paula Polestar is being kept by the Happy Happy Cult (only specified in the Japanese Mother 2) and is a criminal, responsible for robberies and kidnappings.
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