Palace of twilight

The Twilight Realm.

The Twilight Realm is a realm parallel to Hyrule and is an important location in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.


The Twilight Realm is inhabited by the mysterious Twili. It is notable that normal enemies in the Twilight Realm appear in shades of black and in some cases (notably the Kargarok) are drastically altered in appearance.


The government of the twilight realm is a monarchy. The latest known Queen was Midna.

How to enter

There are only two known ways to enter the twilight realm. One is the Mirror of Twilight, the other is a "curtain of twilight" as often seen when Zant took over Hyrule.

Although the method is not clear, it was very clear that with Zant's help, Ganondorf could travel between realms without either of these devices.

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