Tundra Man is a Robot Master who appears in Mega Man 11. He was originally manufactured by Cossack Robot Laboratories as a surveillance robot designed to monitor environment changes in some of Earth's coldest regions. He led a lonely life, though, and after watching an ice skating championship on TV, he was inspired to become a professional figure skater. While under maintenance in Dr. Light's laboratory, he was stolen and outfitted with a Speed Gear by Dr. Wily, along with some other modifications, so he could be better suited for combat, after which he took over a museum.

His Special Weapon, Tundra Storm, allows Mega Man to generate a column of icy cold air that can destroy enemies directly above and below him.


Tundra Man will first skate to each side, stopping to strike a pose. When that part is over, he will start Speed Gear, skating from side to side quickly, before stopping midair in the middle, unleashing his Tundra Storm.
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