Tsunekazu Ishihara is the president of The Pokémon Company and the main manager of the Pokémon franchise as a whole. Prior to this, he was the president of Creatures Inc.


Ishihara graduated from the University of Tsukuba Graduate School of Art and Design in 1983. He became interested in CG design and worked on various companies. In 1991, he joined Ape, Inc., where he was involved in the production of some external games published by Nintendo, such as EarthBound and Mario's Picross.

In 1995, he established Creatures Inc. as a production company sprung from Ape, Inc. The company developed a relationship with Game Freak through the production of Pokémon Red and Green; after the development of the titles, Ishihara and Creatures became involved with the Trading Card Game, the Pokémon anime series and all various forms of merchandise that sprung with the popularity of the series. Creatures would also be involved in 3D modeling for all of the Pokémon titles released in home consoles since the Nintendo 64.

In 1998, Ishihara established Pokémon Center, Inc., which would become The Pokémon Company in 2001; Hirokazu Tanaka replaced him as the president of Creatures. Since then, Ishihara has handled brand management of all Pokémon products.


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