Truce is a lively town in the role-playing game Chrono Trigger. It exists in both 600 A.D. and 1000 A.D. In the latter era, it is home to the playable characters Crono and Lucca.

Truce is located on the eastern portion of the Northwestern continent of the World Map. Guardia Castle is located to the west. In 600 A.D., Truce Canyon is to the north of Truce, but in 1000 A.D., the canyon doesn't exist and that site is the location of Leene Square. Also in 1000 A.D., the Vortex Pit can sometimes be seen in the waters to the east.


The Millennial Fair

In 1000 A.D., Truce is a town in the Kingdom of Guardia with many friendly people. Crono and Lucca both live there. Crono, excited about the Millennial Fair, heads north to Leene Square to witness the unveiling of Lucca's new invention, the Telepod.

The Queen Returns

After Crono is sent through time and comes out of Truce Canyon, he heads into Truce, which is when he finds out he is currently in 600 A.D. The people there talk about the fight against Magus as well as the disappearance, and sudden reappearance, of Queen Leene.

We're Back!

After Crono and his friends rescue Queen Leene and return to 1000 A.D. via the Time Gate at the Millennial Fair, Lucca heads home to do some work while Crono escorts Marle back to Guardia Castle. They leave the Fair, travel through Truce and head through Guardia Forest to reach the Castle.

The Village of Magic

After traveling through Heckran Cave and exiting through the Vortex Pit, Crono and his party travel through Truce, paying a quick visit to Taban and Lara, as well as Crono's Mom and Fritz and Elaine's Market. They then head north to the Millennial Fair.

The Hero Appears

On their mission to hunt down Magus in 600 A.D., Crono and his party pass through Truce where the villagers tell them that the war with Magus' army is getting worse, and King Guardia XXI was wounded in battle. There is also talk of a "legendary hero" that has appeared to defeat Magus.

The Time Egg

After Crono's death and Magus joins the team, the party heads to Crono's house in Truce to retrieve the Crono Clone doll in order to revive the deceased Crono. When Crono's Mom asks how he is, the party lies and says he's doing well.

The Green Dream

After finding Robo in Fiona's Shrine in 1000 A.D., Lucca discovers a Time Gate that leads to her house 10 years earlier. She then finds that she has another chance to save her mother Lara's legs. She then uses that same Gate to travel back to the party.

Note: It's up to the player to save Lucca's mother. Whether they are successful or not is one of the many events that helps determine the ending in the game after Lavos is defeated.

The Quest for the Sun Stone

After acquiring the energized Sun Stone, the party takes it to Truce in 1000 A.D. where Lucca and her father Taban use it to create new weapons and accessories.


600 A.D.

Location Description
Market The Market is a place for Crono and his party to stock up on supplies.
Residences The two Residences are places where Crono can talk to other people and develop the story further. One of them is the home of Banta the blacksmith.
Truce Inn Truce Inn is a place for Crono and his party to rest and regain HP and MP. It's also where he first meets Toma.

1000 A.D.

Location Description
Crono's house Crono's house is where the game begins. His Mom woke him up, which is how Crono starts his journey.
Lucca's house Lucca's house is where Crono finds Lara, Lucca's mother.
Market The Market isn't open when Crono first visits. There is a creature there that says to visit their stall in Leene Square. After Crono returns from 600 A.D., a man (who turns out to be Fritz' father) is there to buy and sell items.
Mayor's Manor The Mayor's Manor is also known as the "Mayor's Education Center". It's a place for the player to learn about battles and other aspects of the game such as save points and different items.
Residences The two Residences are places where Crono can talk to other people and develop the story further.
Truce Inn Truce Inn is a place for Crono and his party to rest and regain HP and MP.
Ticket Office The Ticket Office is where Crono can take a boat to Porre on the Southern continent. It's also where he meets Elaine. She is worried about her husband Fritz because he's gone missing.

People and Enemies

There are no enemies in Truce. The following is a list of important characters the player will encounter.

600 A.D. 1000 A.D.



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