Tropical Fish is a rare New Wide Screen Game & Watch video game released in 1985. The game was never released in Japan. The model number for Tropical Fish is TF-104. In the game, you'll merge fish from an aquarium into another aquarium via a fishbowl. Overall, the gameplay is very similar to Fire, though perhaps slightly improved. Tropical Fish has also appeared as an unlockable museum game in Game & Watch Gallery 4, albeit in Classic only.


In the game, the player will transfer fish from one aquarium to another one via a fishbowl in a game similar to the previously released Fire. If a fish drops on the floor, the cat (similar in appearance to the one from Chef) will take it for himself as a tasty snack. The cat also appears as the alarm clock icon. When the game begins, fish will start jumping from the water tank on the right. As the player, they must make sure that they catch the fish in the fishbowl. Shortly after this, the fish will jump from the water bowl to the left, and the player will have to keep on catching it until it reaches the other water tank.

One point is rewarded to the player for each fish they catch and each fish they transfer to a fish tank. The maximum amount of points a player can receive is 9,999.


The system is a New Wide Screen system, so it only has one wide, rectangular screen. The front plate is orange, somewhat like Climber. Much like Ball or Chef, the system only has two red buttons, with the buttons being for moving left or right. Also, like most other New Wide Screen games, in the top right corner, there are three grey oval-like setting buttons for Game A, Game B, and Time, as well as two recessed metal buttons, being Alarm and ACL. On the left side of the front plate, there is also a Game & Watch logo and a small piece of artwork printed onto the system. On the back, there is a small kickstand made of metal wire that can be folded out so that the system can be put on display or used as an alarm clock.