Tron Bonne is a character from the Mega Man 64. Tron is the only daughter of the Bonne family of air pirates, being like an anti-heroine.

She is 14 years old, 155 cm (5'1") tall, and weighs 43 kg (95 lbs). She is a genius mechanic that handles the design and construction of the Bonne's machines, including their airship, the Gesellschaft. She is also an able pilot, usually the one piloting fighting machines like the Gustaff, Feldynaught, and Jagd Krabbe.

Tron created the 40 Servbots that assist the Bonne family in various tasks, like helping Tron build and maintain her machines. She can be very harsh with the Servbots, sometimes even punishing them in a painful way, but despite this, Tron is usually tender and affectionate towards them, like a mother.

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