Tron 2.0 Killer App is a Disney published video game for the Game Boy Advance that takes place in the world of Tron, a cult-classic series that initiated with a movie way back when. In the game, Tron, a computer program, manages to hack his way through a computer in order to once more obliterate an evil virus. This virus, titled The Corruptor, is seemingly unstoppable. He's managed to, as his name implies, corrupt Encom. Because of this, Tron's user awaken the virus busting Tron once more.


As one could guess, the playable character is Tron. Another playable characer, called Mercury, is also present. She is basically a female version of the character. As in many titles, the character can strafe by pressing the L button in order to dodge oncoming fire. Without it, most attacks will become impossible to dodge, making it a critical attack. One of the requirements in the game is to find as many chips as possible, which are scattered throughout the stages (on-foot ones only). Sometimes you'll only be able to purchase chips rather than finding them.

The chips in the game will greatly improve your character. They will increase your energy, your firepower and defense. Some, however, will give you new abilities altogether. You can only have four chips installed in you at a time, however, so you'll have to switch them out if you find one that's better.

While the game is an adventure games, there are a multitude of puzzle aspects as well. For instance, in order to breach security, you'll often times have to solve arguably challenging puzzles.

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