Triple Wolf is Terry's Final Smash. It debuted alongside Terry in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Terry Final Smash SSBU.gif


Upon activation, Terry will shout "Overheat!" and release a Triple Geyser, consisting of three consecutive Power Geysers. If an opponent is hit by the final geyser, gameplay will transition into a cutscene, where Terry will perform a Power Dunk, before charging his fist up, declaring "Here's the big one!" and performing a cinematic Buster Wolf while shouting "Buster Wolf!". If multiple opponents are hit by the Triple Geyser, only the first one will be subject to the full combo.

The Triple Geyser is capable of dealing a lot of damage despite the main attack only targeting one player, though it lacks the knockback of similar Final Smashes, it has massive range and can combo into a wide variety of Terry’s moves to make up for this, making it an effective Final Smash overall.

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