Tricky Earthwalker, usually just called Tricky, is the prince of the Earthwalker tribe, and Fox's ally in the game, Star Fox Adventures. After learning his father was kidnapped, he accompanied Fox to try and save him and Sauria, his home planet. At first, the two didn't get along very well, but the two eventually become friends, and their friendship lingers on, even in Star Fox Assault.


Star Fox series

Tricky first appeared as a young Earthwalker in Star Fox Adventures as Fox McCloud's sidekick. In that game's successor, Star Fox Assault, he briefly appears in one of the game's stages, this time as a full grown adult. He was happy to reunite with Fox and meet Krystal for the first time.

Super Smash Bros. series

Tricky appeared as a trophy in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. The following is Tricky's trophy description:


"The prince of the EarthWalkers, the ruling tribe on the dinosaur planet of Sauria. He helps the Star Fox team take on the tyrannical Genereal Scales in a battle for control over Sauria. In Star Fox: Assault, Krystal catches a distress signal from Sauria after coming under attack from the Aparoids, and the Star Fox team ventures out to help Tricky and his planet."

Wii U

When General Scales removes the four SpellStones from their rightful place, Dinosaur Planet literally starts falling apart. Fox goes to investigate, and in the process he rescues Tricky, the planet's reighning prince, from the SharpClaw Tribe. Together they go on a quest to restore Dinosaur Planet to its former state.
Nintendo GameCube - Star Fox Adventures - 09/2002
Nintendo GameCube - Star Fox: Assault - 02/2005


  • Star Fox Adventures was originally made by Rare, and as such they like making references and slipping in cameos of other characters from other games. In this case, Tricky is based on a boss from Diddy Kong Racing for the Nintendo 64.