Travis Touchdown is the main protagonist of Konami's hack and slash video game series No More Heroes. He wields a lightsaber like sword called a beam katana, and in the second game has two. The first game he is fighting his way to the top of the assassin rankings to find out what happened to his parents. In the second game it is for revenge for his best friend Bishop being killed. Travis is shown as a geek with glasses that is very rash and hot headed. He watches a anime called Bizarre Jelly 5 (which stands for BJ) that has school girls with large breasts bouncing around. He has an Irish twin brother named Henry Cooldown who is the final boss of the first game, and is married to Sylvia who Travis wants to get with in the first game. His rival turned friend named Shinobu, got her arm chopped off by Travis but he spared her life. She returns in the sequel as a playable character in two sections of the game, but now with a robot arm.

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