Trauma Center: Under the Knife (JP) is the first installment in the Trauma Center series. It is a Nintendo DS medical simulation game published and developed by Atlus (where as Nintendo published the game in Europe) released in 2005 and 2006.


The game is split up into several chapters, many of which include an operation that the player must clear in order to progress through the game. During each operation, the player will be tasked with completing the operation's objective within a time limit, whilst making sure to keep their patient vitals up. The operation will fail if the patient's vitals drop to zero, the time limit runs out, or a certain objective is failed.

At the end of each operation, players are ranked based on their performance, such as speed and accuracy. Clearing the main story campaign can unlock additional challenge missions.


The player takes the role of Derek Stiles, a doctor at Hope Hospital. After the near-death of a patient due to his negligence, he encounters the scene of a car crash and ends up working on a patient with incredibly severe injuries to the heart. His superiors recognize the ability and they tell him that his power is said to be that of a descendant of the Greek god of medicine, Asclepius, and his gift is known by the same name, though is more frequently referred to as the Healing Touch.

Dr. Kasal advises Derek to avoid using the ability due to the toll it takes on his body. After saving Linda Reid, a teen with a strange parasite (eventually known as Kyriaki), he learns of a new man made disease known as GUILT, which is distributed by a medical-terrorist organization known as Delphi. When Derek and Angie assist with a raid in cooperation with Caduceus Europe, they find that Delphi has been using children to incubate the seven strains of GUILT, and after curing the patients, Derek and Angie encounter Delphi's leader, Adam. Derek operates on all 7 strains, rids the world of GUILT, and becomes well known as the man who saved the world.


In the January 2006 issue of Nintendo Power, Steven Grimm placed Trauma Center and its 9.0 score in the magazine’s review archive, describing the game as “fiendishly addictive”. 

IGN gave the game an "impressive" 8 out of 10, and Official Nintendo Magazine gave it 80%, while GameSpot gave it a 7.8 out of 10, saying that it "succeeds because it strikes such a good balance between its medical theme and its puzzler roots." 

X-Play reviewed this game and its remake and gave them both 4/5.

Also, Trauma Center has an average review ratio of 80% on GameRankings, while Metacritic currently ranks the game at 81%.

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