Trauma Center: Second Opinion (JP) is a game for the Wii. It is a remake, or as Atlus states, a "Wii-make", to the hit Touch Generation game Trauma Center: Under the Knife for the Nintendo DS, though most of the game, including graphics and game mechanics have totally been redesigned to fit the console. Just like the original used the stylus throughout most of the game, this game uses the Wii Remote. It was a launch title for the console, and has generally received positive reviews.


The goal of the game is to work on a patient while at a hospital. You must save the person before the time runs out, or they will die.

While the game contains all of the Nintendo DS game missions, it also includes some extra ones that can be unlocked near the end of the game. As aforementioned, the game is mostly used with the motion sensitive Wii Remote and Nunchuck remote, compared to the DS' stylus based control scheme. As expected, there are some new medical tools that can be used in the game, including a defibrillator, a penlight, and a flash camera.

Character's names

In the North American version of the game, most of the characters' names are based on characters or the actors from medical based TV shows including Scrubs and House M.D. Some include Cox, Turk, Dorian, Reyes, Faison, McGinley, Chalke, Elliot, Reid (all from Scrubs), Jesse, Spencer, Chase, Eric, Omar, Sean, Hugh, Laurie, Greg, and Lisa (all from House M.D.).

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