These are areas in Shadowgate 64: Trials of the Four Towers that are relatively well-populated and/or lived in.

Agaar's Room

Agaar's room is a small house in an empty part of town. It cannot be entered until the player rescues Agaar from the dungeon. After rescuing him, he will release the seal allowing access to items important for the player's journey.

Characters found here: None

Building with No Door

The building with no door is a possibly useless building. It doesn't seem to serve a purpose except for one of the villagers to be able to identify the coordinates of another building.

Characters found here: (Unknown)


The cathedral is a large religious building placed near the cemetery. It helps allow access to Lakmir's Tower and is the place where the important Dragon Tears can be found.

Characters found here: Jezibel


The dungeon is the first place the player starts out in. It is a very important area for either freeing someone locked in a cell, distracting the keeper, or learning songs. It is an area that the player has to becareful in in order not to get caught.

Characters found here: Dungeon Keeper, Agaar, Wil Goddard

Festus' Shoppe

The Festus' Shoppe is the main shop in Castle Shadowgate. This is a very small building but offers a wide variety of items. None, except the violins, seem to affect the player on their journey, though.

Characters found here: Shop Keeper

Gate Keeper's Room

The gate keeper's room (also called the Guard's Room) is a mysterious area. It looks normal at first, an empty room with the theif standing in there. But at further notice, the player can see the theif is guarding a door. It is unknown what is on the other side of the door.

Characters found here: Theif

Rastolin's Room

Rastolin's room is the building where Rastolin lives. It can be found placed next to the excavation area.

Characters found here: Rastolin

Rusty Sword Inn

The Rusty Sword Inn is the main inn in Castle Shadowgate. It is found adjacent to the building with no door, but it cannot be entered until the player answers three questions correctly asked by the innkeeper.

Characters found here: Modor, Agaar's Sister, Agaar


The stable is a place once used to house horses. The horses have been taken away by Belzar, leaving the keeper alone. The stable has been caught on fire before due to the horse feed and can catch fire again as long as the keeper isn't present.

Characters found here: Stable Keeper, Guards

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