Towering Treetop is the simplest board in Mario Party 6, behaving like a very traditional Mario Party board focusing on going around a giant tree.

Board Elements

The board has a few changes between during night and day. During the day, the pink flower blooms, opening an alternate path on the left-half of the board while the purple flower blooms during the night, opening a different path on the right-half of the stage. The Woody at the top of the tree turns bad during the night.

There is also a Pink Boo that opens shop during the night.

Event Spaces

There are 4 sets of event spaces. The ones at the top of the tree activate Woody. During the day, he showers the player with Coins for meeting him while his grumpy counterpart at night causing players to either lose 5 Coins or roll backwards. The 3 event spaces next to the beehive send out bees to attack the player, causing the player to lose coins based on how many bees sting them. The event space in the center of the board sends the player to one of 3 spots on the board. The event space right behind start has the player tickle the giant tree's nose. If successful, the tree sneezes, sending players to lower branches.

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