The Tower of the Gods is an ancient tower created by the Gods to test the courage of the Hero of Time's successor in preparation for the inevitable return of Ganon following the great flood. The Tower of the Gods is where the Hero's Bow is found. Additionally, Link learns the Command Melody here. Completing it will grant the hero access to the old kingdom of Hyrule and the Master Sword.


The dungeon has elements of water and light as its main themes, and is separated into three areas. In the first floor, Link must use the King of Red Lions to move through the flooded floor, the level of water also goes up and down at certain times allowing Link to access certain areas. As Link explores the rooms, he has to make use of the water's changing level so that he can bring statues that open new paths, and ultimately close the source of the water in order to open the path leading to the second floor of the tower. On the second floor, Link has to separately guide three semi-sentient statues through various obstacles to the central altar. Doing this gives him access to the third floor. It is there that Link finds and learns the Command Melody to telepathically control the statues and bring them to the altar and finds the Hero's Bow. Once Link reaches the third floor, he must find the Big Key by solving puzzles before heading to the boss's lair where he fights Gohdan, a being created by the Gods to test the hero. After defeating Gohdan, Link can access the top of the tower where he must ring a bell to open a path to old Hyrule.


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