The Tower of Hera is a dungeon present in the SNES video game A Link to the Past and its distant sequel for the Nintendo 3DS, A Link Between Worlds.

A Link to the Past

In this game, the Tower of Hera is the third dungeon of the light world, and is located at the peak of Death Mountain. The only way to access the tower is to come in possession of the Power Glove, which was obtained in the Desert Palace conquered early in the game.

After defeating the boss, Moldorm, Link will get one Heart Container and the Pendant of Wisdom. Notably he also gets the Moon Pearl here as well as the dungeon's item.

A Link Between Worlds

Similarly to A Link to the Past, the Tower of Hera can be found atop Death Mountain. To enter it, Link must have rented or bought the Magic Hammer from Ravio's Item Shop in order to break the rocks that block its entrance. To navigate through the dungeon, Link is required to use the hammer several times to break through cracked parts of the floor and activate several other contraptions.

Awaiting atop the dungeon is Moldorm, whose defeat awards Link with a Heart Container and the Pendant of Power.

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