Touhou Genso Wanderer Reloaded is a spin-off of the Touhou series for the Nintendo Switch.


Genso Wanderer is a roguelike dungeon crawler in which the player takes control of Reimu to move around the floor, pick up weapons, armors and items, defeat enemies and bosses in several randomly generated dungeons. You can also bring a partner along with you if you wish. Careful management of your inventory, taking advantage of your terrains, traps sprawling throughout the dungeons, enemies' abilities and weaknesses is important for survival and clearing the dungeons.


Reimu Hakurei and Rinnosuke Morichika are spending their times at Kourindou in a rainy day. They are just talking to each other in Kourindou when something weird happens. The Gold Sphere that Rinnosuke is holding is reacting in some kind of strange power. Reimu looks at it and is now cursed by the Gold Sphere. Reimu walks up to Rinnosuke and tries to steal the Gold Sphere from him. Rinnosuke was surprised and tries to keep the Gold Sphere away from Reimu. When Reimu is back to normal, she is still tries to steal the Gold Sphere from Rinnosuke when the Gold Sphere is getting brighter. After the lightning struck near Kourindou, the Gold Sphere jumped off of Rinnosuke's hand and rolled onto the ground. Rinnosuke pushes Reimu and run towards the Gold Sphere, and the Gold Sphere starts unleashing the strange power in front of Rinnosuke and turns the sky back to sunny. Reimu is asking Rinnosuke if he is alright, but the strange power was actually the dark power, and Rinnosuke was actually possessed by the Gold Sphere's dark power.

Rinnosuke is now called Buyking, who has the power to grant any wish. He has created several clones of Gensokyo's population in order to increase Kourindou's customer and make his store prosper. Rinnosuke has challenged Reimu into a battle. Reimu tries to defeat Rinnosuke but failed, and she had to escape Kourindou and get away from Rinnosuke as far as possible. Kourindou is now transformed into the Awaritium Tower. Along the way back to her shrine, Reimu meets Mononobe no Futo, who joins in her quest to climb to the top of the tower and resolve this incident once and for all.


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