Azure Reflections is horizontal shooting game in the Touhou series released for the Nintendo Switch in August 2018.


Azure Reflections revolves around using special system - Danmaku Rush - with which you can clear enemies' bullets and is necessary to finish bosses' attacks and Lily White/Black, which appear periodically throughout the stages. With more bullets cleared it becomes stronger, which is crucial for effective boss defeating.

The player can also release a barrier, with a cost at 40 power. On getting hit, the player gets stunned, where they can't do anything but barely move. During that period another hit results in a life loss.

The game contains four regular stages and three "extra" stages, situated between regular ones. In order to successfully clear the game, player has to get through all of stages, capture at least 50% of spell cards on any of three regular stages and 3rd "extra" stage boss - requirement for respectively "extra" stages and Final Stage - and not timeout any of them.


As the Scarlet Mist incident mysteriously returned, Reimu and Marisa went on their own ways to try and resolve the incident.


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