Touch Hyakunin Isshu: DS Shigureden (JP) is a Nintendo DS video game released exclusively in Japan on December 14, 2006. It features different edutainment activities including a Japanese writtng matching game that features Super Mario Bros. video game sprites including Mario with long legs, Mario stomping on a Goomba, and a crying Blooper.

In Japan it is a part of the Touch Generations series of games and the last first-party DS game to be released in 2006.

The game also uses the Mobiclip for the FMV rivals

Game modes

Chidori no Kyōto-nai

A navigable map of Kyoto Prefecture.

Karuta de Taisen

Players can compete via Download Play or by using the DS to hear the poems for catching the right card first.

Karuta wo Kiwameru

Train the shigureden to later compete with the rivals. Can save up to 3 slots.

Karuta Gobanshoubu

Challenge all the five rivals one by one without any savepoints. It's possible to select the difficult.

Touch Hyakunin Isshu: Motto DSi Shigureden (JP) is a downloable version with reduced features of the game. It costs 500 Nintendo Points, or 514 yens.

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