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Torrential Roar (JP)is the Final Smash of Corrin. It was introduced in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. The move is a cutscene-based. It hits the fighters around Corrin and sends into a large whirlpool before launching everyone caught.


The move starts with Corrin partially transforming in their dragon form before slamming into the ground which sends out geysers of light. Any fighter hit by these geysers gets drawn into the next portion of the attack. Next, the scene changes to the generic mountainous area with Corrin in their full dragon form. They then roar, sending out a whirlpool of water dragging all the fighters they caught with the attack and sending them flying with massive knockback. The attack only does about 40% damage overall.


The move itself is a Super Smash Bros. original attack like Great Aether. The move might be inspired by that Corrin seems to have the ability to manipulate water while their dragon form like other Valla royalty. The columns of light might be inspired by the Dragon Veins ability various characters from Fire Emblem Fates have.

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