The Tornan King is a Tornan featured in the Torna ~ The Golden Country expansion of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The Tornan King is the ruler of the Kingdom of Torna during the Aegis War and serves as the country's last king as it met its demise during the conflict. The Tornan King is the elder brother of high prince Zettar and the father of prince Addam Origo.


The King Watches as Zettar fails to awaken Mythra.

The Tornan King had an illegitimate relationship with a non-Tornan woman, potentially of Leftherian origin. This lead to the birth of his bastard son Addam. As a result, Addam has golden eyes, as opposed to the Tornan norm of blue eyes. According to Addam himself, his father never minded his bastard status and still acknowledged him as his own making him lord of the Aletta Region and fourth in line to the throne. This lead to constant conflicts between Addam who does not care much for the throne and Zettar who sees Addam's popularity amongst the people as a threat to his own right to the throne. Eventually Amalthus awoke Malos in search for answers. Once Malos went out of control and became a threat to his ambition, Amalthus began to search for someone to awakens the Pneuma Core Crystal. This lead him to the Tornan King's court where the lord tried to awaken the Aegis. Zettar was rejected but Addam was choosen, which only worsened the relationship between the two.

The party gets an audience with the king and his court.

The king is first seen in person when the party heads to Auresco after learning of Malos' plan to attack the capital from Amalthus. Once they arrive, the king hold a conference, which includes the party, High Prince Zettar, himself, and Quaestor Amalthus. There Zettar attempts to discredit and punish Addam for allowing his foreign militia to stay within the borders of the kingdom, which he interpret as a potential takeover from Addam, even if it was technically ordered by the Urayan King and took Addam by complete surprise. The King side with Addam, express his gratitude towards Emperor Hugo Ardanach for putting his life on the line for the sake of Torna, and offer to Addam the title of lord of Heblin. Addams refuses the offer and simply ask for free passage for his militia in order to prepare for Malos' attack. Zettar later confronts his brother about this attempt to give Addam more power and the king admits to him that he believe that Addam would make a better king than either of them. This only angers Zettar further.

Malos eventually attacks Auresco and manages to take the seal that prevent Torna from reverting to its original destructive form. The same group gather anew in a second conference where Zettar tries to punish Addam once again but this time for his failure to stop Malos, which he sees as a proof of his incompetence. The King once again sides with Addam and states that Addam and his army were risking their lives to save the capital while Zettar and the Tornan army were busy evacuating civilian. If Addam's conduct would be seen as dishonorable according to Tornan custom then Zettar's would also be seen as such since despite saving civilians he still technically fled from the battlefield and abandoned the capital. The king then ask once more for Hugo's help and bow before him as a sign of respect. He also offer the title of knight to Lora who was defending Addam from Zettar before the king himself stepped in.

The king's death.

The day after, Lora is made a knight by Addam in front of the king and his court. The party then heads to the Tornan Titan's core where Malos is xaiting for them. During the fight between Malos and Mythra, the capital recieves heavy damage and eventually the Titan itself is to badly damage to continue to live. As he slowly begins to sink at the bottom of the Cloud Sea, the Tornan King watch in horror. Zettar eventually comes to find him in order to flee the capital alongside the survivors of the attack. The king refuses and decide to die alongside his kingdom. As the palace starts to crumble, he leaves Addam in control of the throne before being crushed by the falling debris of his own palace.