Tormod ​is a playable character from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. He is the leader of the Laguz Emancipation Army, befriending Sothe and being taken under Calill's tutelage during The Mad King's War.


Path of Radiance

Tormod is first seen in Chapter 15 with Muarim, fighting to free all laguz from slavery. When he first sets eyes on Ike's forces, he jumps to the conclusion that they are acting on Begnions orders to wipe out his family. Without giving Ike the opportunity to explain himself, Tormod proceeds to command his Laguz mates to engage his forces in battle.

When Muarim is defeated, Tormod jumps in to defend him. At this point, the pair's hardships are revealed, with the most prevalent being that of Begnion portraying them as bandits in a bid to wipe them out.

Tormod later meets the Apostle Sanaki, where he learns that her rationale for tracing out his band of Laguz allies is to unearth concrete evidence that Begnion's senators have been committing the crime of enslaving Laguz.

Radiant Dawn

Returning with Muarim and Vika, Tormod assists Micaiah and Sothe in fighting Begnion in Chapter 1-7. When Muarim is driven insane as a result of Izuka's experiments to turn him into a Feral One, the enraged Tormod decides to leave the army after Muarim's condition has been restored by Rafiel's song.

Tormod later returns in Part 4 with Muarim and Vika, countering and battling Oliver's forces alongside Ike's army. Through a conversation that he shares with Ike, it is observed that he is just as sensitive over his height, noting the extent in which Ike has grown as compared to himself.

After the events of Radiant Dawn, Tormod will assume the role of a Laguz relations officer in Begnion, helping former slaves escape poverty.

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