Torkdrift, also called Mekafuwafuwa-san in Japanese, meaning Mecha Mr. Fluffy (See Spindrift for details.), is a robotic flying saucer resembling a flower, and the last Boss to be fought in the Wooded Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. Torkdrift was send in the Wooded Kingdom to collect more flower for Bowser and Princess Peach's wedding. It holds a blue Multi Moon that will be dropped once he is defeated.

Physical Appearance

Torkdrift resembles a flower. His eyes sit on stalks and float around throughout his head. The spike on the top of his body allows him to fire a very powerful laser at his opponents. His shield generators take on the form of blue robotic flowers.

In battle, Torkdrift flips over so he can fire his laser.


Torkdrift vacuums up most of the flowers in the area and initially don't mind Mario until he captures an Uproot and and smashes Torkdrift's glass core repeatedly. In battle, Torkdrift attacks by aiming and firing laser beams at Mario. Mario must use the Uproot to smash the three glowing orbs floating around Torkdrift, once that is done, Torkdrift flips over and Mario is then able to smash Torkdrift's core. It will then launch vertical laser beams that creates energy shockwaves that Mario must vault over while still as an Uproot. Mario must then repeat the whole process two more times. When Torkdrift is defeated, it will explode, releasing all of the stolen flowers and the Multi Moon.

Torkdrift can be rematched in one of the painting of the Mushroom Kingdom but this time the arena is surrounded by four of stacks of three Pulse Beams and Torkdrift will fire his laser on them on purpose to release more shockwaves. Torkdrift's Shockwaves will also activate every Pulse Beam at their height.


Torkdrift may have earned his name from the term Torque, which refers to the instant access to maximum torque that machines powered by electricity can use, and Drift, referring to his presumable resemblance to a Spindrift.

Other Languages

  • Japanese: Mekafuwafuwa-san (From Meka (mecha) and Fuwafuwa-san (Mister Fluffy), the Japanese term for Spindrift.)
  • Spanish: El Roboflor (From El Róbot (robot) and La Flor (flower). Third declension I-stem noun (Genitive singular Lis Roboflórius)
  • Italian: Il Turbofióre (Turboflower; from Turbo (turbo) and Il Fiore (flower), third declension I-stem noun (Genitive singular Lóis Turbofiórius)


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