Top Gun is a game released to the NES, based on the popular film of the same name. In the game, the user flies an F-14 Tomcat and battles enemy fighters while completing various missions. A sequel, known as "The Second Mission", was released later on. A game of the same name was also released to the Nintendo DS. Top Gun for the NES sold originally over 2 million copies.


The game is especially noted for its unfair carrier landing sequence. In a review by the Angry Video Game Nerd, after hundreds of tries, Rolfe is finally able to (unknowingly) land the plane using the Power Glove. In the episode, he explains the directional mechanics of the sequence. Basically, the directions correspond to a plane's joystick. Down is like pulling back, so the plane goes up, and vice-versa. However, Rolfe points out that it is not made clear whether "up" means "press up" or "go up", etc.


The Second Mission solved several problems, including the landing sequence, which was changed to just aligning the targeter. The AVGN did, however, note that the missiles do take notably less time to strike. Another change was the addition of music, lacking in the first game (although it is generic music not found in the film). The AVGN also questioned why it was called the "second mission" when it was completely unrelated to the second mission of the first game.

Entering the Konami Code will grant the player three extra lives every 20,000 points.

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