Top Gear Rally (TG Rally in Europe) is a Nintendo 64 and Game Boy Advance game released in 1997 (Nintendo 64) and 2003 (Game Boy Advance) by a variety of publishers and developers. For the Nintendo 64 version, Boss Game Studios developed the game. The publishers included Kotobuki Systesms in Japan, Midway Games in America, and Kemco in Europe. The Game Boy Advance version of the game was developed by Tantalus Interactive. It was published by Kemco in Europe and Japan, and Nintendo in America.

Top Gear Rally is a highly acclaimed video game for both systems. It offered some of the more impressive graphics that each system could render, and the Nintendo 64 version is known for containing an incomparable physics model. This was apparent when cars would appropriately jerk around when their vehicles would move over rugged surface, and have more of a smooth ride when going over flat surfaces.


Each car in the game has it's own statistics that differentiate it from the other vehicles in the game. There are a variety of things that are different about the cars instead of just power, weight, and the overall design. Once you choose your car, you'll race through 10 circuits. In each race there will be eight cars including your own. You'll be able to change your car before each circuit.

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