Tony Hawk's Downhill Jam is a downhill skateboarding game for the Wii, Nintendo DS, and Game Boy Advance that was released in 2006 by Activision. The Nintendo DS version was a Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection video game. It was announced right before E3 2006, making it one of the first games to be revealed for the Wii. Each version of the game have different graphics, such as the DS's shell-shaded look, and the Wii's regular normal look.


Wii version

For the Wii version, the graphics are like the console Tony Hawk games, the player must use the controller in a classic style (NES style) and must tilt the controller. Unlike the Nintendo DS version, there is no online multiplayer matches. Several of the characters are unique to the game and, unlike Tony Hawk, are not real people such as Ammon, MacKenzie, Kyla, Gunnar, Tiffany, Jinx, Crash, and Bud.

Nintendo DS version

For the Nintendo DS version, the graphics are cel-shaded. Players can race against others around the world (via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, with 3 other players), including voice chat (touch screen controls are not confirmed). Unlike the Wii version, which is being developed by Toys for Bob, the DS version is being developed by Vicarious Visions, who also developed American Wasteland for the DS.

Game Boy Advance version

The Game Boy Advance version's graphics are not as impressive as the DS version's and does not contain online multiplayer.

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